Diabetes NSW

Postal Address:
GPO Box 9824
Sydney  NSW  2001

Office Location:
26 Arundel Street
Glebe  NSW  2037

If calling within NSW call the Infoline: 1300 136 588 (local call cost)

Phone: (02) 9552 9900
Fax: 1300 536 953 - (02) 9552 3705
Email: customerservice@diabetesnsw.com.au
Website: www.diabetesnsw.com.au

Diabetes NSW is a non-government organisation providing support and services to all people with diabetes or at risk of diabetes in NSW, as well as providing services to the NDSS.

Support services include:

  • distribution of NDSS products through our network of Sub-Agents throughout NSW
  • awareness campaigns
  • advocacy for people with diabetes
  • fundraising for research and education programs

Diabetes NSW Health Professional staff also provide:

  • access to Educators, Dietitians and Exercise Physiologists every work day
  • programs to prevent type 2 diabetes and assist in the prevention of complications of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • educational  events for young adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • magazines and websites for kids, teens and adults
  • camps for kids, teens and young adults with diabetes
  • Indigenous and multicultural resources and programs.