Diabetes Australia is proud to work with a variety of ambassadors to help minimise the impact of diabetes on the Australian community. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please contact us

Cameron Munster

Cameron plays rugby league for the Melbourne Storm. In 2017 he made his debut for Queensland, playing five-eight and helping the team clinch the State of Origin series.

Cameron’s family has been deeply affected by type 2 diabetes. His grandfather Merv Munster passed away from the condition while his father developed the condition in his twenties and his mum developed gestational diabetes during pregnancy. He wants to help Diabetes Australia raise awareness about all types of diabetes.

“I’ve seen the damage diabetes can do to people and their families and I want to play my part in raising awareness and supporting people with all types of diabetes.”

Dr Joanna McMillan

Joanna is a dietitian and nutritionist with a PhD in nutritional science from the University of Sydney. Joanna is one of Australia’s best known nutrition experts and is a regular on the Nine Network as the official nutritionist for the TODAY show. She has authored several books, blogs for Essential Kids, and is a contributor to Women’s Weekly, Sunday Life, and more.

Joanna is passionate about healthy eating and helping people to make better nutritional choices. As an ambassador for Diabetes Australia, she helps to raise awarenDiabess of the benefits of embracing a healthy, active lifestyle.

“As a dietitian over the course of my career I have seen the impact of diabetes on the lives of those affected, and the frightening thing is the exponential rise in diabetes diagnosis…. by partnering with Diabetes Australia and the other ambassadors, we can as a team provide a clear source of information, advice and inspiration to change the lives of many. What we eat and how we move really does impact on our health for years to come.”

Joanna also has a blog-

Guy Leech

Guy triumphed in the world’s first ever professional ironman race - The Coolangatta Gold in 1984. For the next decade, Guy stayed at the top of the sport, becoming a household name and winning major ironman races all over the world including the World Ironman title. He retired from the sport having never lost a marathon ironman race during his career, something no other ironman has ever achieved.

Over the past decade, Guy has trained thousands of people with his open to the public aquatic boot camps on the picturesque Sydney Harbour. With fitness being such an important part of his life, he has turned his attention to breaking community fitness world records as a way of promoting good health in Australia. As an ambassador for Diabetes Australia, Guy supports health promotion campaigns and helps Australians to get active.

“Good health begins with the right mindset. That’s the one approach that has always remained with me throughout my career. And sure, working hard when training is important, but it’s also vital to never over-train or work yourself beyond your limits - that’s just not healthy. If you think healthy, you’ll start acting that way and a fitter and happier you is suddenly within reach.”

Sammy Veall

Sammy moved to LA to study acting, where she came across Hip Hop Yoga run by Steve Ross in his studio, Maha Yoga. It was here she found solitude and comfort after suffering from a terrible accident at the age of 21, which left her with 3rd degree burns to 35% of her body. After her first class Sammy immediately signed up for a 200 hour Vinyasa teacher training learning about various aspects of yoga and how it can significantly benefit your health.

In 2013, Sammy opened Yoga213 in her hometown, Melbourne. A studio in Sydney quickly followed and she has plans to expand further. She brings a range of different yoga styles to life through reggae, hip hop, acoustic and r’n'b music. As an ambassador for Diabetes Australia, Sammy has taught yoga classes at events and shares her passion for physical activity and its overall health benefits.

“Adding yoga to your daily health routine can help to build your strength and flexibility, help with your digestive system and alleviate stress, whatever age you are. Yoga is something that I hold close to my heart. It pulled me out of a very tough time in my life and has continued to keep my body healthy and my mind clear.”

Dr Adam Fraser

Adam is one of Australia’s foremost experts on how physical activity and nutrition can prevent or control metabolic disease. Adam is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who has been researching the effect of exercise on chronic disease for over 15 years. He completed his PhD at the University of Wollongong, specifically looking at how exercise and diet improves the way glucose and insulin work in our body.

Adam has presented his research at many conferences such as the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Diabetes Association, and the World Congress on Fitness and Nutrition. He is the co-author of the book "Sugar Daddy", a former Director on the Board of the Australian Association for Exercise and Sports Science (AAESS, now ESSA) and Sports Medicine Australia (SMA), and writes the health and fitness section for Men’s Style. Adam is also regular presenter on radio including ABC 702 and is a regular presenter on TV, including Sunrise, the TODAY show, What's Good for You, Kochie's Business Builders and Close Up. Most recently Adam was a co-host of Channel 7’s Live Well program.

Christine Armarego

Christine has unique and comprehensive experience in chronic disease management. She worked for seven and half years at Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital in Melbourne as the sole Exercise Physiologist within the physiotherapy department.

As a part of her Master’s degree, Christine completed a research project examining the effect of individualised exercise programming on World War II Veterans. Throughout this research she implemented behavioural change strategies and utilised both group and individual interventions. Her results were presented at the Australian Physiotherapy Associations National Neurological and Gerontological Conference in 2005 and was awarded a High Commendation.

Christine is also the co-author of the book "Sugar Daddy". More recently, she has been working within NSW WorkCover and CTP systems both as a Rehab Provider and Treatment provider. She is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and former director of the Victorian Board of Exercise and Sports Science and Co-ordinator of the Exercise Physiologists in Hospital Network. Christine is a current contributor to the Diabetic Living Magazine, Healthy and Heart Wise Magazine and Diabetes Australia’s Circle Magazine.

Dan Gregory

Dan is an advertising expert and social commentator. Dan has a 20 year history as a thought leader in marketing and communications, working extensively in Australia and overseas and also teaching postgraduate students at Macquarie and Sydney Universities.

Dan is the founder and CEO of The Impossible Institute and regular on ABC’s The Gruen Transfer. He makes regular comments in the media on the prevalence of diabetes in our community and how we can combat it. As an ambassador for Diabetes Australia, and a person living with type 2 diabetes, Dan has featured in our national awareness and media campaigns.

His mother and grandfather both had type 2 diabetes and as type 2 diabetes runs in families he was a prime candidate. His message to all Australians is to be vigilant with maintaining a healthy weight and not to take risks with your health.

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