Flash glucose monitoring

What is flash glucose sensor technology?

Flash glucose monitoring is sensor technology that enables you to test your glucose levels without pricking your finger. This technology is currently available in the Freestyle Libre system. The system has two parts. A small white disc (about the size of a twenty cent coin) is positioned on the back of the upper arm. This holds the ‘sensor’, which is worn just under the skin. And, a ‘reader’ which when held over the sensor, gives a glucose reading.

How does it help me manage my diabetes?

The flash glucose monitoring device is useful for detecting glucose level trends and tracking patterns. This device is suitable for people living with diabetes who require insulin to manage their condition.

Each scan provides the last eight hours of glucose data and a trend arrow showing if glucose levels are going up, down or changing slowly. This data can be downloaded from the Freestyle Libre Software to give you and your Credentialled Healthcare Professional a deeper understanding of glucose patterns and variability

What devices are available to me?

Freestyle Libre is the only flash glucose monitoring device currently available on the Australian market. The FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System has been approved by the Therapeutic Good Authority (TGA) for persons aged 4 and older who require insulin to manage their diabetes. For children (age 4 - 17), approval is limited to those whose diabetes management is supervised by a caregiver who is at least 18 years of age.

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