For young people

Diabetes can and does occur at any age. Type 1 diabetes is more commonly diagnosed in younger people but it can occur at any age. Type 2 diabetes, the more common form of diabetes, is increasingly occurring in younger age groups.

In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin because the cells that actually make the insulin have been destroyed by the body’s own immune system. The insulin has to be replaced in another way, which is why, if you have type 1 diabetes, you must receive insulin every day by injections or insulin pump.

Unlike someone with type 1 diabetes, with type 2 diabetes the body still produces insulin, but it is not produced in the amount the body needs and it does not work effectively.

The MyD site has been developed for young people aged 16 to 25 years living with diabetes, you might find the following useful:

The MyD site also provides information and links to other sites of interest and there is a section for people to tell their story and talk about how they live with diabetes, here and now.

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For information about the diabetes programs and services available in your area, contact your local state or territory organisation.

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