Healthy eating for Older People

The NDSS and Diabetes Australia have developed a guide for older people living with diabetes.

Healthy Eating - A guide for older people living with diabetes

This booklet provides information about healthy eating and food choices for older people living with diabetes. As we get older, staying nourished and maintaining healthy eating habits can be challenging. Our lifestyles and appetites can change and chronic conditions such as diabetes can take up our time and energy, and affect our food choices.

Read the ebook or download the PDF version (large file 20Mb). If you would like hard copy of this book please contact the NDSS Infoline 1300 136 588.

This booklet provides general information only. For personalised advice about healthy eating, please visit an accredited practising dietitian. The Dietitians Association of Australia can help you find a dietitian near you if you phone them on 1800 812 942 or visit their website at

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