Diabetes Australia announces $450K for diabetes research in South Australia

Diabetes Australia has underscored its commitment towards South Australia’s leading diabetes researchers with $450,000 to support seven projects, including a prestigious Type 2 Diabetes Millennium Award.

Projects receiving funding include a study into the impact of artificial sweeteners on people with type 2 diabetes, optimum meal times for shift workers and peptides produced by platypuses and echidnas.

Diabetes Australia CEO Professor Greg Johnson said the organization was pleased to be able to support some of the nation’s leading researchers.

“South Australia is definitely a hub of diabetes research and we are proud to partner with the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and Flinders University,” Professor Johnson said.

“There are some exciting projects receiving funding including A/Professor Richard Young from the University of Adelaide based at SAHMRI who is receiving the prestigious Type 2 Diabetes Millennium Award for his research into the impact of artificial sweeteners on people with type 2 diabetes.

“The Diabetes Australia Millennium Awards are the most lucrative research grants and provide significant funding to world leading researchers to work on longer term programs.

“Dr Amy Hutchinson, also from the University of Adelaide based at SAHMRI, will look at optimal meal times for shift workers to help them reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

“Professor Briony Forbes from Flinders University is conducting research into peptides produced by platypuses and echidnas to see if they can help people with type 2 diabetes manage their blood glucose levels.”

“In the last century diabetes research has changed the way people live with and think about diabetes and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

“We will continue to fundraise and invest in diabetes research until we’ve found a cure.”

The Awards will be presented tonight at a special National Diabetes Week event at SAHMRI.

The Diabetes Australia Research Program was established in 1987 to support and develop diabetes related research across Australia. The program provides funding towards the prevention, management and cure of all types of diabetes, as well as enabling and fostering young and upcoming researchers in the field of diabetes research. Each year outstanding research projects are selected through a merit based, competitive, peer review process.

* General Grants*

  • Professor Briony Forbes, Flinders University: *Characterisation of two novel mammalian long acting GLP-1 peptides *

  • Dr Amy Hutchison, University of Adelaide: Modified meal timing during night shift - effects on gastrointestinal hormone release and blood glucose control

  • Professor Karen Jones, University of Adelaide: *Effect of exenatide once weekly on gastric emptying of, and the postprandial glycaemic and cardiovascular responses to, an oral glucose load in type 2 diabetes *

  • Dr Stijn Soenen, University of Adelaide: Effect of dietary protein on glucose metabolism in older people with and without type 2 diabetes

  • Dr Joanne Tan, University of Adelaide: *miR-181c – a novel therapeutic target for the rescue of diabetes-impaired angiogenesis *

  • Dr Tongzhi Wu, University of Adelaide: Role of bile acids in glucose lowering by metformin