Diabetes Australia funds leading Victorian diabetes research

Diabetes Australia has continued its major contribution to diabetes research with the announcement of $1.26 million in funding for 21 Victorian diabetes research projects looking into many different aspects of diabetes.

CEO Professor Greg Johnson said Diabetes Australia was delighted to be able to support many of Australia’s leading and up and coming diabetes researchers.

“Diabetes researchers have a key role to play in helping Australia meet the challenges of the diabetes epidemic and Diabetes Australia is proud to be able to support their potentially life-changing research,” Professor Johnson said.

“A broad range of projects have received funding including studies looking at the causes of type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, ways to help treat both conditions and improved methods of managing diabetes-related complications including kidney, liver and heart disease.

“This year we are funding 21 projects at some of Victoria’s top research institutes including the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, Deakin University, Monash University, St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research, University of Melbourne, Victoria University and the Australian Catholic University.”

Professor Johnson said he was excited by the potential of this research “Projects like Dr Kathryn Aston-Mourney’s research into preserving the function of pancreatic beta cells in people with type 2 diabetes are very promising,” he said.

“Dr Aston-Mourney is looking at using metformin, one of the most common drugs used to manage type 2 diabetes, in a new way that may be able to help these beta cells continue to produce insulin which would then delay or avoid developing type 2 diabetes.

“Sometimes we can find new and frugal ways forward in diabetes prevention or management by looking at new ways to use medicines that have been around for a long time.”

Professor Johnson encouraged people who were interested in supporting the Diabetes Australia Research Program to get involved in Dance4Diabetes.

“Dance4Diabetes is Diabetes Australia’s new flagship event to raise more funds for diabetes research and support. The concept is simple. Film a short video of your best dance moves and share it on social media. Make a donation to Diabetes Australia and dare your friends to do the same,” he said.

“Dance. Donate. Dare. You can help us support more diabetes research to find a cure, and to find better treatments and prevention.”

The Awards will be presented tonight at a special World Diabetes Day event in Melbourne.

The Diabetes Australia Research Program was established in 1987 to support and develop diabetes-related research across Australia. The program provides funding towards the prevention, management and cure of all types of diabetes, as well as enabling and fostering young and upcoming researchers in the field of diabetes research. Each year outstanding research projects are selected through a merit based, competitive, peer review process.

2020 Diabetes Australia Research Program - Victorian Grants