Vale Dr Harald Breidahl

Dr Harald (Hal) Breidahl passed away recently.

Dr Breidahl was a towering figure in the Australian diabetes movement and worked tirelessly as an endocrinologist and as a researcher. His commitment to supporting people with diabetes led him to call for a national diabetes organisation in the 1950’s. That vision became a reality with the formation of the Diabetes Federation of Australia (now Diabetes Australia) in 1957, giving people with diabetes, health professionals and researchers one body to unite behind and to achieve real change.

He became president of the national body in 1977 – and worked with consumers and health experts across the nation to steer the country towards a better future for people with diabetes.

Dr Breidahl was part of an Australian delegation to help establish the International Diabetes Federation in 1952. Later he worked on attracting the first World Diabetes Congress to Australia, held in Sydney in 1988.

He also played a pivotal role in the formation of the Australian Diabetes Society, the organisation that represents medical specialists, doctors and scientists, and served as the Society’s first President.

His passion, energy and good humour has helped improve the quality of life for all Australians with diabetes. Dr Breidahl we thank you and salute you.