Strategic Plan 2020-25

Our Purpose

We are the national organisation supporting all people living with or at risk of diabetes. We put people first.

We work in collaboration with member organisations, consumers, health professionals, researchers, and the community.

Our Vision and Mission

People First

Diabetes Australia works towards a world free from diabetes for all Australians. We strive to reduce the impact of diabetes. We put people first.

People First embraces:

  • people with diabetes, and their families & carers, and those at risk at the centre of all that we do
  • people understanding how to self care and live well with their diabetes
  • health professionals ‐ personalised support and care provided by an interdisciplinary health professional team
  • diabetes researchers ‐ striving for new discoveries
  • staff, volunteers and supporters ‐ people as the core asset of our organisation.

By ensuring people are our first priority ‐ our thinking, our planning, our actions, and our services and programs, and our organisation will stay focused on our reason for being.

Our Strategic Priorities

Diabetes Australia has four strategic priorities, each of which has three key themes:

Leadership for Diabetes

  • Build the voice, brand and cause
  • Advocacy to transform lives
  • Listen, connect, partner

Preventing Diabetes

  • National prevention programs
  • Risk assessment and early detection
  • Healthy communities, workplaces, environments

Living with Diabetes

  • Self care, support and choices
  • The different ages, stages, types, places and cultures
  • The impact of diabetes on people

Research for Diabetes

  • Help set the diabetes research agenda
  • Evidence and outcomes
  • Grow diabetes research funding opportunities

Our Culture and Values

The following values reflect what the Board, the management, the staff, member organisations, people with diabetes, and the community should see and experience when they connect with Diabetes Australia at any level:

Integrity: we are committed to being transparent and accountable in everything we do.

Care: we feel strongly about diabetes, we are passionate, we fight for the cause. We always think about the person with diabetes – we take the time to listen and care about different perspectives and backgrounds. We respect diversity.

Excellence: we have the best possible evidence for everything we do and we strive to have the best people in every role. We strive to have the most supportive culture and values, and the best possible processes to be effective and efficient.

The culture and values should be demonstrated by and shared between the Board, leadership, management and employees and define the Diabetes Australia brand.

Download a copy of our Strategic Plan on a Page

Strategic Plan on a Page - 2020-25

A National Diabetes Strategy and Action Plan

Download a copy of A National Diabetes Strategy and Action Plan.

A National Diabetes Strategy and Action Plan

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