Take away

Eating take away food is convenient and often social, having diabetes doesn’t prevent you from eating take way. When ordering take away, it’s best to go for the healthy options and watch the serving sizes to manage your weight and diabetes.

Below are ideas on take away healthy eating:


  • Ask for extra salad
  • Request a wholegrain or wholemeal roll
  • Ask for no butter, margarine or mayonnaise on the roll
  • Choose meat, cheese or egg (not all three)
  • Choose a lean meat, chicken or fish patty


  • Ask for a thin and crispy base instead of a thick pan fried pizza base
  • Choose low fat toppings like mushrooms, pineapple, capsicum, onion, eggplant, tomato and seafood
  • Limit high fat toppings like extra cheese, salami and pepperoni.


  • Choose barbecued chicken rather than crumbed or fried chicken.
  • Remove the skin and limit the gravy
  • Have salads, bread rolls, mashed potatoes, corn or peas instead of chips.

Fish & Chips

  • Ask for fish to be grilled if possible
  • Choose thick/straight cut chips or wedges instead of french fries and ask for a small serve.

Stuffed potatoes

  • Ask for toppings of salad, baked beans, creamed corn, tuna/salmon, and low-fat cheese like cottage or ricotta
  • Limit high-fat toppings like regular cheese, sour cream, ham, bacon, butter or margarine
  • Eat the skin for extra fibre.


  • Ask for wholegrain bread with less or no butter/margarine
  • Include salad
  • Choose low-fat fillings like low-fat hard cheese, cottage/ricotta cheese, lean ham/turkey/chicken, hummus, tuna or salmon.
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