World Health Day 2016

Diabetes is increasing in numbers around the world. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Atlas estimates that more than 415 million adults live with diabetes. This year, World Health Day took place on April 7 and was dedicated to raising awareness about diabetes.

How you can get involved

Help support World Health Day 2016 by printing and sharing promotional material produced by Diabetes NSW. Use the hashtag #WHD2016 and #takeactionondiabetes.

OR donate to the diabetes cause, your generous donation will help Diabetes Australia raise diabetes awareness, fund education for people living with diabetes and diabetes research.

Media enquiries?

Visit our media centre.


Feel free to print these posters and display them in your office, shop front or work space.

World Health Day 2016 posters A3 print ready

World Health Day 2016 posters A3 pdf

Social media

Share the social media tiles produced by Diabetes NSW on social media, tag #WHD2016 and #takeactionondiabetes.

Right click on the image you would like to use and click 'Save image as..' to save to your computer. After saving, upload to your profile image or onto your wall. Thanks for sharing and being part of World Health Day 2016!

A big thank you to Diabetes NSW for producing the promotional material!

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