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Raspberry Sorbet with berries

Berries with homemade raspberry sorbet

This raspberry sorbet does require some preparation; if you can, peel, slice and freeze your bananas a day before preparing the sorbet, otherwise do it several hours before making the sorbet.


Serves: 6

Number of ingredients: 7

To prep: 20 minutes

Difficulty: Medium

Nutrition per serving

  • Energy: 723kJ

  • Protein: 3.4g

  • Total fat: 0.7g

  • - saturated fat: 0.1g

  • Carbohydrate: 29.6g

  • Fibre: 13.7g

  • Sodium: 4.2mg


  • 810g of frozen raspberries
  • Plus 60g extra of frozen raspberries
  • 3 small to medium ripe bananas, peeled and cut into slices and frozen till firm
  • 150g punnet of fresh raspberries
  • 500g fresh strawberries
  • 400g fresh blueberries
  • 6-12 fresh mint leaves


One or two hours before serving:

  1. Allow the 60g of frozen raspberries to defrost and roughly squash them.
  2. Line a 1.25-1.5L metal or plastic container with baking paper.
  3. Blend the 810g of frozen raspberries and the frozen banana slices in small batches until well smooth and well combined. Pour into the container.
  4. Stir through the squashed raspberries. Smooth the top and pop in the freezer until it needs to be served.
  5. Wash all the fresh berries. Hull the strawberries and slice into halves or quarters if they are large. Mix together gently. Keep in the refrigerator until ready to be served.
  6. Serve with sorbet and decorate with a washed mint leaf or two.