It’s time to unite in the fight for change.
Change the numbers. Change the future. Change lives.

The diabetes epidemic is one of the largest and most complex health challenges Australia has faced. It touches millions of lives across the country and impacts every part of our health system.

And its impact is growing. In the past 20 years, the numbers have dramatically increased by around 220%. If the growth rates continue, there will be more than 3.1 million Australians living with diabetes by 2050 and the annual cost is forecast to grow to about $45 billion per annum in this time.

Behind these numbers are real people. People with diabetes who want to live long and live well. These are the people we are uniting for, to drive change and have a greater impact.

Together we can change the lives of millions of Australians, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grandparents, and loved ones, who are living with diabetes or will develop the condition in the years ahead.

That’s why we are asking all Australians to join us and unite in the fight for change.

Unite to change the numbers



Australians live with diabetes -- an increase of 220% since 2000



projected Australians living with diabetes by 2050



diabetes-related hospitalisations per annum by 2050


$45 billion

cost to Australia per annum by 2050


Reducing the impact of the diabetes epidemic

A new Diabetes Australia report has highlighted the spiralling impact of diabetes on Australia.

The report brings together the latest research and data to highlight the key trends driving the diabetes epidemic and draws on contributions from Australia’s leading diabetes experts.

Read the report

Unite to change the future


Without action, diabetes will continue to negatively impact people’s lives and our health system. It is time for change.

Our ambition for the future is bold. We want a future where diabetes can do no harm.

Urgent action is needed to:

  • Prevent people from developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Support people with diabetes to live long and live well.
  • Reduce the health, social and financial impacts of diabetes
  • Find a cure.

To achieve this ambition we must drive change.


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