A new era for Diabetes in Schools

Diabetes Australia has been busy talking to hundreds of parents, teachers and health professionals to help shape the development of the new National Diabetes in Schools Program.

During October, we conducted more than 75 workshops in all major cities across the country, as well as teleconference meetings for people located in rural and remote areas.

In addition to the face-to-face workshops and meetings, we provided a National online survey for parents, teachers and clinicians and received more than 2000 responses. At least 1000 responses were from parents.

Benefits of interrupted sitting for diabetes

We sit at work. We sit at home. We sit in the car. We sit down to eat. We sit at in front of the tv. We sit at the movies. It is clear we spend a lot of our lives sitting. But, as plenty of new research seems to confirm, all this sitting is not be good for us.

One thing researchers have learnt is that prolonged sitting is associated with sustained higher blood glucose levels which, over time, can contribute to the development of a range of diabetes-related complications.

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