Almost 70 per cent of people with diabetes find peer support helps their diabetes self management and around 25% are accessing peer support online.

A new report shows almost 70 per cent of Australians with diabetes find peer support helps their diabetes self management, improves their wellbeing, and helps them connect to health services.

“Peer support provides people with the opportunity to share knowledge, experience, emotions, ideas and concerns with other people with diabetes,” said Dr. Jessica Browne from the Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes.

I put a Band-Aid on and hoped for the best...

Albert Abdul- Rahman has had a lifetime of adapting to change which stands him in good stead to face one of the biggest challenges in his life: learning to walk again after his left foot was amputated just three weeks ago.

Aged 19, Albert left Papua New Guinea for Queensland where he joined the Australian army: "There was no way I was prepared for the culture shock, I thought I knew about life in Australia, but everything was different to what I was used to." Albert embraced life with the army and spent six years as an engineer, learning a great deal about his new country and remaining an important part of the Papua New Guinea community living in Townsville.

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