New research may help break the cycle of intergenerational diabetes

New research, to be undertaken at the Menzies Institute and funded by Diabetes Australia, will investigate the barriers to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers accessing optimal healthcare during pregnancy and may help to address the intergenerational cycle of diabetes.

Dr Renae Kirkham will look at a range of factors including cross-cultural communication, late initiation of antenatal care, poor access to specialist diabetes care and a lack of integration in health services.

Federal Parliamentarians get their eyes checked to mark World Diabetes Day and the “Eyes on Diabetes” campaign to prevent blindness

Over 25 federal MP’s and Senators had their eyes checked at Parliament House on 23 November using a special camera which photographs the retina to enable early detection of diabetes-related damage to the eyes.

The event was co-sponsored by two Parliamentary Friends Groups - the Diabetes group co-chaired by Rowan Ramsay MP and Graham Perrett MP; and the Eye Health and Vision Care group co-chaired by Hon Amanda Rishworth MP and Dr Andrew Laming MP (who is also an eye specialist). Minister for Health Hon Sussan Ley MP spoke at the event.

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