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People living with diabetes in Australia. We amplify their voice and champion the cause to drive change.



People diagnosed with diabetes each year. We provide education, care and support to help them live well with diabetes.



Australians at high risk of diabetes. We are committed to supporting them to prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes.



Invested in over 500 research projects over the past 12 years through the Diabetes Australia Research Program.

Connect locally


We are a trusted diabetes services provider. We develop and deliver support, coordinated care and prevention services – locally and nationally – and partner with other diabetes organisations across Australia to change people’s lives.

Our local services include self management, education and support programs to meet the needs of people throughout their life with diabetes.

Connect with services locally.

Changing lives


Behind the numbers of the diabetes epidemic are real people. People with diabetes who want to live long and live well. We are committed to changing the lives of millions of Australians, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grandparents, and loved ones, who are living with diabetes or will develop the condition in the years ahead.

It’s time to unite in the fight for change. Unite for people like Cara who has always talked to her children about her type 1 diabetes and involved them in her management.

Read the stories of Cara and others living with diabetes.


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