Hundreds of Australians hospitalised every year due to failure to recognise early signs of type 1 diabetes

Up to 640 Australians are hospitalised each year in serious life threatening situations before they are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, Diabetes Australia warned.

Diabetes Australia is launching a new campaign “It’s About Time” to encourage the community, families, schools and health professionals to recognise the early signs of type 1 diabetes and help avoid many of the hospitalisations.

New research suggests a bigger type 2 diabetes risk from sugary drinks

New research shows that sugary drinks sold in Australia have over 20 per cent more glucose compared to those sold in the United States.

The research from the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute compared the sugar content of sugary drinks in Australia, Europe and the U.S. The higher proportion of glucose relate to different sweeteners used in sugary drinks (sugar cane in Australia, corn syrup in the US and sugar beet in Europe).

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