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Share your views and help improve the experience for people living with diabetes

Living with diabetes shouldn’t prevent people from experiencing the joy of travel, but we know that there are added complexities and things to consider for people living with diabetes to enjoy their travel and stay healthy.

Airport security and screening points can be challenging, particularly if you use a CGM or Flash GM device or insulin pump.

Despite clear guidance to ensure people can get through airport security without hassle and without affecting their devices, we’re hearing more and more stories of people having difficulties and the rules not being applied consistently.

With diabetes technology becoming more advanced and more accessible, it’s critical that people living with diabetes don’t have these ‘horrible’ and ‘awful’ experiences getting through airport security screening.

We want to spark change to ensure rules are applied consistently and airport workers are educated so we can improve the experience for people living with diabetes.

Diabetes Australia is starting a project to work with airport security services on education, review and update existing diabetes and travel information, and ensure the guidance and advice for people living with diabetes is clear and accurate.

This might include developing and delivering training and resources for airport security staff to improve awareness about diabetes and share the experiences of people living with diabetes to improve travel regulations.

Your experiences and perspectives are central to this project to spark change.

Using the form, share with us your experiences at airports and what you think needs to change.

Share your experience of travelling with diabetes medications and medical devices

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