Can probiotics help women with gestational diabetes?

Research into Gestational diabetes is the fastest growing type of diabetes in Australia and this is why it is important mothers get the best possible care.

The Diabetes Australia Research Trust is funding an important study being undertaken by a team at the University of Queensland and involving Dr Helen Barrett, the Director of Endocrinology at Mater Hospital Brisbane and a Senior Research Fellow at Mater Research into if probiotics can help women with gestational diabetes.

Could Metformin side effects be a thing of the past?

Could Metformin side effects be a thing of the past?

Researchers hope some side effects of metformin, such as unusual tiredness, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea, could be a thing of the past if they can answer one of the remaining riddles associated with the drug.

Dr Tongzhi Wu, from the University of Adelaide, was recently awarded a Diabetes Australia Research Program grant to help study how metformin is absorbed into the body and how it lowers blood glucose levels.

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