Diabetes Australia Research Program

The Diabetes Australian Research Program supports and develops outstanding diabetes research in Australia. We do this by funding a range of grants across the full spectrum of diabetes research through a merit based, competitive, peer review process. Research projects can focus on prevention, management of diabetes or the cure for diabetes.

There are two Millennium Awards of up to $150,000 awarded each year: one for type 1 diabetes and the other for type 2 diabetes.

The 2015 Millennium Award – Type 1 was awarded to NSW based Dr Bruce King from the John Hunter Children's Hospital for research on the evaluation of an Australian artificial pancreas algorithm for announced and unannounced meals.

The 2015 Millennium Award – Type 2 was awarded to Victorian Dr Gwyneth Rees from the Centre for Eye Research Australia, for research on personalising eye consultations to improve outcomes in diabetic retinopathy. In addition to the Millennium Awards, General Grants (around $60,000 each) are also awarded to successful applicants.

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The Diabetes Australia Research Program relies on the generosity and support of member organisations, corporates and individual donors. Every extra dollar ensures more vital research is undertaken. You can support Diabetes Australia Research by way of tax deductible donations, estates or sponsorships.

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