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The 4400 Reasons to End Amputations campaign aims to raise awareness of the need for urgent action to address diabetes-related amputations in Australia.

Currently there are 4,400 amputations performed in Australian hospitals every year - and up to 85 per cent of these could be prevented.

The number of diabetes-related amputations of toes, feet and limbs is a national tragedy and we need to do more as a community to save limbs, to save lives and to save hospital budgets.

Diabetes-related amputations cost the Australian health system around $875 million per year. On top of this, there is a huge personal cost to the individual and their family.

Diabetes Australia is calling on the Australian Government to implement a Diabetes Amputation Prevention Initiative to ensure systematic early detection of foot problems, and early treatment to prevent amputations.

We can end diabetes-related amputations with a generation.

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