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This campaign is proudly supported by Ascent Footwear and Abbott Vascular.

Abbott Vascular

Abbott Vascular, a division of Abbott, is a global leader in cardiac and vascular care with market-leading products and an industry-leading pipeline. Abbott Vascular invests in technologies and education, and partners with others, to create meaningful health solutions and ultimately better results for people.

In 2016, Abbott Vascular partnered with Diabetes Australia to raise awareness of diabetes-related amputations in Australia. There are more than 4,400 diabetes-related amputations in Australia every year - 85% of these are preventable through education and proper foot care. This is one of highest rates in the developed world.

Staff at Abbott Vascular immediately took action to support Diabetes Australia’s campaign once they heard the statistics. Tom Curnow, General Manager of Abbott Vascular, said the organisation was committed to supporting people with diabetes to lower their risk of diabetes-related amputations and increase the likelihood that limbs can be saved.

“Abbott Vascular is proud to support Diabetes Australia in raising awareness of the high rates of preventable diabetes-related amputations in Australia and the significant impact this has on our community,” Mr Curnow said.

“I was shocked to learn that Australia has the second highest rate of amputations in the developed world and that the overwhelming majority of these can be prevented.

“Through education and greater awareness, we must empower Australians living with diabetes to proactively manage their risk, self-monitor, seek timely medical advice and gain access to therapies that can allow them to live their lives to the fullest.”

Ascent Footwear

For Luke Bevis, General Manager of Ascent Footwear, diabetes is personal. His father was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in his early 20s which means Luke has been around diabetes his entire life.

“My father has lived with type 1 diabetes most of his adult life so I am very conscious of the way the condition impacts upon all parts of a person’s life, including their feet,” Luke says.

“For people with diabetes, footwear can be very important. At Ascent Footwear we work closely with experts including podiatrists, physiotherapists, amputees and our customers to make sure the design of our shoes are right for people with diabetes and can help them prevent and manage the various foot problems that can have a big impact on people with diabetes.”

Luke said Ascent Footwear was inspired to partner with Diabetes Australia after seeing the “Amputations – 4,400 reasons to take diabetes seriously” campaign launched during National Diabetes Week 2016.

“The sad reality is that many Australians have already lost limbs to diabetes-related amputations. This is why we started a program called IIFit which involves selling a range of shoes in different sizes between left and right shoes at no extra cost or as an individual shoe (either left or right) at half the retail price.”

“It is clear we all need to do more and this is why Ascent Footwear is proud to partner with Diabetes Australia to make sure people with diabetes get the support they need to look after their feet.”

Ascent is the only footwear brand endorsed by the Australian Podiatry and Physiotherapy Associations and work closely with these associations to educate people about the importance of correctly fitting footwear and foot health.

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