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Ida's Story

Ida Ratiner was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 30 years ago.

The grand mum came close to losing both of her legs to diabetes-related complications in 2015

But with the help of Dr Varcoe, Ida has had both of her legs saved.

“The pain was gone straight away after the procedure,” she says. “It was unbelievable. We didn’t believe, but we hoped.” Ida can now be home alone and her husband of 53 years, Solomon, says the couple are able to enjoy life once again. “I know the consequences now of what could have happened,” Ida says.

“Go to the doctor. Look after your health, check your feet. Don’t think diabetes won’t touch your life – it is going to happen to you so you have to do everything you can to prevent an amputation.”

This is her story.

Paul's Story

Paul Walker was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 27 years ago.

Now aged 52, Paul didn’t wake up to the seriousness of his condition until he had a few of his toes amputated and he faced the threat of losing a limb to diabetes.

“I was very close to having my right foot amputated but Dr Varcoe saved it.”

Today, Paul realises the importance of managing his type 2 diabetes and hopes he will be able to see his grandchildren grow up.

This is his story.

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