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No-bake date and seed bar

A healthy easy-to-whip-up in a flash snack! These seed bars are the perfect on the run, packed up for lunches, picnics or for an afternoon snack.


Serves: Makes 16

Number of ingredients: 5 Ingredients

To prep: 15 Minutes Prep

Difficulty: Easy

Nutrition per serving

  • Energy : 565kJ

  • Protein: 2.4g

  • Fat (total) : 2.6g

  • - Saturated Fat: 0.5g

  • Carbohydrate (total) : 23.2g

  • Fibre : 3.9g

  • Sodium: 5mg


2.5 cups (425g) deseeded dried dates

1-2 tablespoons (20-40ml) boiling water

1.5 cups (135g) rolled oats

1 cup of seeds of your choice (e.g. pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds)

Additional seeds for topping (optional)


  1. Place dates and boiling water in food processor and blend until dates become a sticky paste
  2. Mix in the dry ingredients with the date mix (this can be done in the food processor on pulse mode, or if you prefer whole seeds we recommend using a paddle attachment)
  3. Press the mix into a lunch box or small baking tin (aim for 1 cm height or less)
  4. Add extra seeds as a topping by sprinkling on top and pressing in with a spatula
  5. Refrigerate overnight before slicing into small squares or bars