Eating Well

Healthy eating and an active lifestyle are important for everyone, including people with diabetes. Having a healthy diet and being active is an important part of managing diabetes because it will help manage your blood glucose levels and your body weight.

  • Meals that are recommended for people with diabetes are the same as for those without diabetes
  • There is no need to prepare separate meals or buy special foods
  • Everyone including family and friends can enjoy the same healthy and tasty meals together
  • As a starting point, we recommend people follow the Australian Dietary Guidelines Healthy Eating for Adults and Healthy Eating for Children
  • Everyone’s needs are different so we recommend everyone with diabetes visit a dietitian for personal advice. Read our statement 'One Diet Does Not Fit All'
  • If you are interested in following a low carb approach, please read Low carbohydrate eating for people with diabetes


Diabetes Australia recommends that everyone with diabetes visit a dietitian for personal advice. For more personalised information, visit an Accredited Practising Dietitian. To find a dietitian in your area, contact:

Dietitians are accessible and are usually based in many local hospitals, diabetes centres and community health centres and are also listed in the telephone directory.

Medicare may provide a rebate on dietitians’ fees if you have a chronic condition and are referred by your doctor. If you have private health insurance you may also receive a rebate from your health fund, depending on the type of cover you have.

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