National Diabetes Week

In 2016, National Diabetes Week will be 10-16 July. This year Diabetes Australia will be highlighting the tragedy of diabetes-related amputations. Every year, more than 4,400 amputations are carried out as a result of diabetes. We need to do more to reduce the impact of diabetes.

We will be launching our campaign outside Royal Melbourne Hospital on Sunday July 10. There will be posters and social media assets available to download here at the beginning of the campaign.


Diabetes Victoria

Diabetes Victoria's 2016 campaign focuses on the message: "Diabetes won't stop me". A campaign website will be launched on July 4. The Diabetes Victoria team will be out and about across Victoria showcasing the good work they do throughout the week.

Diabetes Western Australia

Diabetes Western Australia will be kicking off the week with the Honourable Michael Sutherland, Speaker of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly, who will join CEO Andrew Wagstaff and members of the WA Parliamentary Diabetes Support Group for an informal FootSmart session. Diabetes Western Australia will also be marking the achievements of Kellion Victory Award recipients including a brother and sister who are both receiving their 50-year awards.

Diabetes Tasmania

This year on the eve of National Diabetes Week, Diabetes Tasmania is holding an over-the-top charity challenge - taking the plunge as part of the highest commercial abseil in the world. Brave participants will be abseiling down the 140 metre tall Gordon Dam. If you would like to donate visit:

Diabetes Queensland

Diabetes Queensland will focus on the 93,000 Queenslanders with type 2 who are undiagnosed, and the symptoms. On Sunday, July 10, we are holding free risk assessments at Eagle Farm Markets, one of Brisbane’s most popular outdoor venues. On the following Friday Diabetes Queensland is organising Go Green and Give fundraising events around Queensland, with 190 schools and businesses registered to participate. For the first time, there will be 25 Kellion Victory Medal recipients at our awards function. There will also be a Diabetes – What Now program in Roma on July 11.

Promotional material

Diabetes Australia National Diabetes Week 2016 Poster

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Previous campaigns

2015 280-a-day

The 280-a-day campaign highlighted the concerning growth of the diabetes epidemic in Australia. The campaign also released research highlighting the fact that most people still underestimate the number of people with diabetes and the serious health complications relating to the condition.

2014 Check My Risk

The You think this is scary? national campaign aims to increase public awareness of the seriousness of type 2 diabetes, draw attention to the increasing numbers of Australians developing the condition, and promote the ‘good news’ story that up to 58 per cent of cases can be prevented.

2013 Face of Diabetes

The Face of Diabetes campaign aimed to provide the incoming Australian government with a clear framework for a new national strategy for diabetes and a five year action plan.

Following their election, the Coalition Government committed to a national strategy.

2012 Let's Prevent Diabetes

The Let's Prevent Diabetes campaign, presented the case for a national diabetes prevention program for the high risk.

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