Can probiotics help women with gestational diabetes?

Research into Gestational diabetes is the fastest growing type of diabetes in Australia and this is why it is important mothers get the best possible care.

The Diabetes Australia Research Trust is funding an important study being undertaken by a team at the University of Queensland and involving Dr Helen Barrett, the Director of Endocrinology at Mater Hospital Brisbane and a Senior Research Fellow at Mater Research into if probiotics can help women with gestational diabetes.

Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute looking at new ways of treating heart disease in people with diabetes

Heart disease is one of the major complications associated with diabetes, however some of the first line treatments used to reduce a person’s risk of heart disease, don’t work as well in people with diabetes.

This problem is a major focus of research being conducted by Dr Brian Drew and his colleagues at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute and supported by the Diabetes Australia Research Trust.

Gestational diabetes is an epidemic posing an immediate threat to thousands of pregnancies

Gestational diabetes – the epidemic posing an immediate threat to thousands of pregnancies, and a future threat to the health of mothers, babies and families.

Health experts today warned of the alarming increase in gestational diabetes which in the past 12 months has affected 38,000 Australian women during pregnancy.

“In the last ten years, more than 200,000 women have developed gestational diabetes. Latest projections show that over the next decade more than 500,000 women could develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy,” said Professor Greg Johnson, CEO of Diabetes Australia.

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